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ANNUAL curatorial theme

THE theme for SUMMER AND FALL 2016, AND SPRING 2017 is
"The Commons | The Other"

For this second phase of our exploration of socio-spatial issues and the commons, Urbano family works closely with community partners in the adjacent neighborhood of Egleston and Jackson Squares to address themes of racial, ethnic, cultural and urban identity and representation embedded within the social synergies of spatial distribution. Through place-based practice Urbano brings together artists, creative practitioners, and people who live in the community to define and establish aesthetically, culturally rich, and sustainable common spaces that can function as autonomous loci for sociability and public interaction. Our goal with this approach is to develop social/creative laboratories to increase inter-group understanding, tolerance and civic culture.

The Commons | The Other will raise the following questions, among many others bridging the previous theme The Commons: Space, Place and Public with the theme of identity: What are the relationships between the commons of Egleston/Jackson Squares and the local identity of individuals and groups? Who is “the other” in our community, and how are social identities constructed and deconstructed in the context of spatial and cultural struggles in the neighborhood? How are local identities negotiated at the individual and collective levels of social action? How do our understanding of “the other” affect the cultural character of the Egleston/Jackson Square area? How are race/class dynamics in the everyday life of Egleston and Jackson Squares representative of “otherness”? 

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How does creative activism contribute to society? How do we moderate crises through individual and collective art practice? How do we reconcile the arts, activism, and pedagogy?

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